CANDLEWOOD | Kershout | Pterocelastrus Tricuspidatus

The Tree

This is a very variable tree or shrub depending on habitat. In forests it may reach 20m with a straight trunk, on forest margins it is often a low spreading tree and in an open situation or in coastal scrub it grows as a fairly dense bush. The trunk is grey- or reddish-brown, corky and fissured.

In forests, it may reach 20m with a straight trunk

Beautiful ribbon-like grain

Wood is durable, used for veneers, paneling, flooring, turnery

The Wood

The heavy and hard pink to dark-red or mahogany brown wood has a beautiful ribbon-like grain and can be planed and polished to good effect.  Heartwood is dark reddish-brown to purplish, distinguishable from the lighter sapwood.  


Although candlewood is heavy and hard, it cuts easily, but is difficult to plane. It finishes smoothly, glues, finishes and turns well. Also peels fairly easily for decorative veneers.


The wood is durable and has been used for veneers and panelling, as well as for flooring and heavy tool handles, and turnery.