Indigenous Species

White Alder

WHITE ALDER | Witels | Platylophus Trifoliatus

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Small to Large evergreen tree, reaching 30m tall

Wood varies in colour, has a straight grain with even and fine texture

Particularly suited for boat building and is also used for furniture, panelling, cabinetry, decorative veneer, joinery and turnery


BLACKWOOD | Swarthout | Acacia Melanoxylon

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Upright tree, growing up to 20m tall

Wood is lustrous with a uniform, fine to medium texture

In demand as a highly prized furniture wood


CANDLEWOOD | Kershout | Pterocelastrus TricuspidatusM

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In forests, it may reach 20m with a straight trunk

Beautiful ribbon-like grain

Wood is durable, used for veneers, paneling, flooring, turnery

Cape Holly

CAPE HOLLY | Without | Ilex Mitis

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Evergreen tree, between 8m – 20m tall

Uniform pale white colour with almost no visible grain pattern

Saws and planes well. Uses: boat building, inlays, cabinetry, carving and turnery

Hard Pear

HARD PEAR | Hardepeer | Olinia Ventosa

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Small to tall tree of between 8m – 25m

The wood has a fine texture and a straight or interlocked to wavy grain

Strong, heavy and durable wood. Mainly used for furniture, cabinetry, carving and turning


IRONWOOD | Ysterhout | Olea Capensis

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Tall tree, growing to between 15 – 35m

Wood has a fine, even texture and excellent natural lustre

Superb for making chairs due to its strength. Also suitable for flooring, outdoor furniture, fencing, landscaping and retaining walls

Outeniqua Yellowood

OUTENIQUA YELLOWWOOD | Kalender | Podocarpus Falcatus

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Can reach heights between 30m – 45m tall

Timber is pale yellow in colour with fine, even texture and straight grain

One of the best timbers for shipbuilding and alsoused in the construction of houses

Real Yellowwood

REAL YELLOWWOOD | Geelhout | Podocarpus Latifolius

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South Africa’s national tree, reaching heights of 30m

The wood is pale yellow, straight-grained, fine and even textured

Suitable for furniture, cabinetry, domestic flooring, joinery, interior trimming and turning

Red Alder

RED ALDER | Rooiels | Cunonia Capensis

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In forests may reach up to 10m in height

The grain is straight and the texture is fine and even

A versatile interior finish hardwood and utility choice for furniture construction


STINKWOOD | Stinkhout | Ocotea Bullata

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Medium to large evergreen tree, up to 30m in height

One of the most highly prized timbers in the world with a fine texture and a straight to spiral interlocked grain

Wood is suitable for high-value furniture, cabinetry, paneling, decorative items, carving and turnery

White Pear

WHITE PEAR | Witpeer | Apodytes Dimidiata

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Tree can reach up to 25m in the forest, but is smaller growing in the open

Wood is pale an close-grained, very fine and even textured

Timber is suitable for furniture, cabinetry, joinery, interior trimming, musical instruments, gun stocks, decorative items, carving and turnery

Cape Beech

CAPE BEECH | Boekenhout | Rapanea Melanophloeos

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An evergreen tree, growing from 4 to 18 m high

The wood has a beautiful irregular pattern of dark flecks and bands to produce a characteristic silver grain figure when quarter sawn

The wood is hard and suitable for domestic flooring, furniture, cabinetry, joinery, interior trimming, decorative veneer, decorative boxes, musical instruments, carving and turnery

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Parkes Forests

Comprising approximately 3 500 hectares outside the towns of Knysna and Sedgefield in the Southern Cape, the Geo Parkes & Sons forests are possibly the largest tracts of natural forests in private hands.