Outeniqua Yellowwood

OUTENIQUA YELLOWWOOD | Kalander | Podocarpus Falcatus

The Tree

The Outeniqua Yellowwood is a medium tall to very tall tree. In favourable conditions this species can reach heights between 30 to 45m and reach an average age of 600 to possibly 1 000 years of age. The cylindrical trunk is long and straight, but often strongly fluted in old, giant trees. The bark is dark brown and scales off in large flakes, while the crown is usually visible high above the forest canopy, decorated with beard lichen or, near the coast, covered in masts of wild grape. A protected species according to the National Forests Act of 1998, the Outeniqua Yellowwood is abundant as a giant tree in moist forests and as a tall tree in medium-moist forests, but smaller in drier types of forests.

Can reach heights between 30m – 45m tall

Timber is pale yellow in colour with fine, even texture and straight grain

One of the best timbers for shipbuilding and alsoused in the construction of houses

The Wood

The timber is pale yellow in colour, with no differentiation between heartwood and sapwood. It has a fine, even texture and a straight grain. Outeniqua Yellowwood is less common than Real Yellowwood.


When dried the wood saws freely by hand or machine. Planes and sands to a fine finish, and takes to stain and polish well.


The wood is suitable for making furniture, rafters, floorboards, doorframes, musical instruments, farm implements, and is one of the best timbers for shipbuilding. It is used in the construction of houses. Some fine examples of South African yellowwood antique woodworking were created with the wood of this tree. In the past it was also used for the masts and yards of ships.